§ 2.62.090. Reviews of internal investigations.  

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  • (a) Upon a determination by the screening panel to refer a request for review of an internal investigation of an officer to a hearing panel, the director shall randomly select the members of the panel.


    The hearing panel may review the internal investigation, and make recommendations to the department regarding any disciplinary action against the officer, including, without limitation:


    Increasing or decreasing the recommended level of discipline; or


    Exonerating the officer who has been the subject of the internal investigation.


    At its first meeting, a panel shall choose one of its members as chair. The panel may select a vice-chair to act in the chair's absence. The chair of the hearing panel shall report the findings and recommendations of the panel to the department, the officer who is the subject of the investigation under review, and the person who requested the review. The findings and recommendations of the panel shall be in writing, which shall be approved by the panel. In the event no findings and recommendations are approved by a majority of the panel, or a panel member dissents from the majority's decision, members of the panel may submit individual findings and recommendation to the chair to be reported to the department, the officer, and the person who requested the review. All findings and recommendations shall be reported to the department within the time for making determinations set forth in Section 2.62.100(n) of the county code.


    In the case of an internal investigation into a citizen complaint for which an officer is potentially subject to discipline, the department may submit its proposed determination and any supporting materials to the director for review by the screening panel. The screening panel shall make its recommendation to the department within thirty days of the date that the proposed determination is received by the director. The screening panel shall report its findings and recommendations as set forth in subsection (c) of this section.

    (Ord. 2295 § 1 (part), 1999)

(Ord. No. 3749, § 1, 3-3-2009)