§ 2.62.060. Jurisdiction.  

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  • (a) The review board shall have jurisdiction to:


    Advise on issues concerning peace officers employed by the department, including:


    Conducting reviews and making recommendations to the department concerning department policies, procedures and programs, and


    Conducting reviews and making recommendations to the department concerning the provision of police protection and services;


    Refer citizen complaints against officers to the department; and


    Review completed internal investigations of officers by the department and make recommendations to the department regarding any discipline against officers.


    The review board shall not have jurisdiction to consider:


    Discipline or actions taken against an officer based upon conduct which did not involve a citizen, including but not limited to tardiness, attendance, insubordination, and productivity;


    Conduct of an officer which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation or prosecution, including appeals and other forms of judicial review;


    Conduct which is the subject of an ongoing internal investigation by the department, including grievances;


    Conduct previously submitted to the screening panel which the panel did not refer to the department or a hearing panel;


    Conduct previously reviewed by a hearing panel;


    Conduct occurring on or prior to the date of the creation of the review board, which shall be deemed to be the latter of the effective dates of the county and city ordinances establishing the review board;


    Complaints received more than one year after the date of the incident giving rise to the complaint. An ongoing criminal investigation or prosecution of an officer shall toll the period for submitting a complaint to the review board; and


    Any other conduct or matter for which jurisdiction is not provided under this chapter.

    (Ord. 2295 § 1 (part), 1999)

(Ord. No. 3749, § 1, 3-3-2009)