§ 2.24.020. Form of summons  

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  • The summons provided for in Section 2.24.010 shall be in substantially the following form:

    In the Justice's Court of … Township, County of Clark,

    State of Nevada.


    State of Nevada, Plaintiff


    The State of Nevada to The Above Named Defendant:

    You are hereby summoned to appear before the justice of the above entitled court at the courtroom thereof at ____________, Nevada, on ____________, the ____________ day of ____________ day 19 ____________, at the hour of ____________ o'clock ____________M., to answer a charge of ____________ in violation of Section No. ____________ Ordinance No. ____________, of Clark County, State of Nevada.

    Date of Offense ____________
    ****Receipt of this summons is
    hereby acknowledged.
    By ____________
    (Office or position of person issuing and serving summons)
    Date ____________ ****This is a promise to appear and
    not an acknowledgement of guilt.


(Ord. 100 § 2, 1958)