Title 2. Administration And Personnel  

Chapter 2.02. Department Of Building
Chapter 2.03. Department Of Business License
Chapter 2.04. Fire Department
Chapter 2.05. Department Of Juvenile Justice Services*
Chapter 2.06. Department Of Comprehensive Planning
Chapter 2.07. Department Of Family Services
Chapter 2.08. Spring Mountain Youth Camp
Chapter 2.12. Coroner*
Chapter 2.14. Police Fatality Public Factfinding Review
Chapter 2.15. Abolition Of Office Of Constable In Las Vegas Township
Chapter 2.16. Public Defender—Indigent Criminals*
Chapter 2.20. Registrar Of Voters*
Chapter 2.24. Summons For Violation
Chapter 2.28. County Office Hours
Chapter 2.32. Special Fees And Charges
Chapter 2.34. Commissioner Of Civil Marriages
Chapter 2.36. Election Officials And Workers—Compensation*
Chapter 2.38. Rights Of County Officers And Employees Who Disclose Improper Governmental Action
Chapter 2.39. Lobbyist Registration
Chapter 2.40. Merit Personnel System
Chapter 2.42. Ethical Standards
Chapter 2.44. County Administrator
Chapter 2.46. Travel Regulations
Chapter 2.48. Social Service Department
Chapter 2.52. Sexual Assault Victim Assistance
Chapter 2.54. Sexual Abuse Of Children
Chapter 2.56. Advisory Board On Domestic Violence
Chapter 2.60. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Chapter 2.62. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Citizen Review Board
Chapter 2.68. Hearing Officer
Chapter 2.72. Forensic Services Fund
Chapter 2.73. Clark County Audit Department
Chapter 2.76. Department Of Air Quality And Environmental Management*
Chapter 2.80. Account For The Acquisition And Improvement Of Technology In The Office Of The County Assessor
Chapter 2.90. County Arts Fund—Percent For The Arts Program